Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday In Quarantine

Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday In Quarantine

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I decided to create this list because I spent my birthday in quarantine and I was such as sour-apple-party-pooper, and wish I just was a better sport about it, so hoping you're able to make the best of it!

 If your birthday is coming up during quarantine, you might feel like you can't be upset because there's so much going on in the world, but it's OKAY you can totally be bummed because this isn't how you planned to spend your birthday, I was bummed (obviously). Remember that it's possible to be upset about things not going your way, while still caring about the world--we're humans with layers of emotions after all.

 I'll give you some time to mope, but chins upm there's still a lot you can do! Here are 10 super fun ways you can spend your birthday! FYI this isn't in any order, so you can’t really just skim to the bottom.

1. Cook Something Adventurous and Fun

Hear me out, some of  you might feel like cooking  is chore, but it can be so much fun when you’re making something you love and not doing it because you have to. Instead of just making a regular meal, cook something special that takes a little bit more work and focus. If your grocery store carries Asian goods, see if you can make sushi, use cooked shrimp if you don’t have access to fresh shrimp! How about biryani, paella, or risotto (my love for rice is really showing here). Main point is try to cook something that isn't bound to fail like a soufflé, but something that's challenging and rewarding! I've also tried the DIY sushi and it's so doable!

Here's 7 sushi recipes you can make at home

 California Roll Shrimp Tempura

Here's a biryani recipe to try, it's so flavorful and other people think so too, check out all the reviews.


2. DIY Your Own Paint and Drink Night

There are tons of Bob Ross (I still don't get why he's so famous) types of YouTube videos out there that walk you through step by step on how to paint something. The point isn't to make something nice, its to have fun, so relax. You can go really basic and get a watercolor palette, a brush that probably comes with the palette and paper, or if you're feeling really fancy you can order what you need, like a canvas beforehand, but it's just as fun with the basic materials. As for the drinks, that is all you, make it what you want, it can even be chai--bottoms up.

Here's a step by step video on painting a sunflower: Watercolour Sunflowers

You can also make this gorgeous village: Beautiful village painting in watercolour step by step tutorial for beginners

3. Play Virtual Cards Against Humanity with Your Friends

We did this for one of my friend's birthday and it was so much fun! There's this website called: that has it, but there are some glitches, just get over it because some random person made it for free. It's seriously so much fun, just Zoom/Facetime/House Party/ really whatever with a phone while playing the game on a laptop or tablet (it works much better than on the phone) and get to playing. There's also other games you can plan like Head Up on House Party. The world is now your oyster when it comes to online multiplayer games.

4. Have Your Own Dance Party

The best place to have a dance party is in your living room, all of those other creepy people at the club just ruin the experience, am I right? Prep a playlist the day before or pick one that Spotify has so the songs feel like a DJ is actually playing.  You can totally make this a thing. Things Meredith and Christina type of dance academy (please say you watch Grey's Anatomy and get the reference.

5.Create a Spa Day at Home

Make sure you prep everything the day before so it doesn’t feel like your doing a lot of work own your birthday, and it'll really feel like a spa day. Put together a kit of what you need the day before and set it aside. I recommend cleaning your bathtub so you can take a bath, setting aside the face mask you want to use, have all of your manicure essentials ready to go, picking a movie to watch and a book to ready the day before so you're not wasting time figuring it out, and then

Pinterest Ideas

6. Host a Virtual Beer Pong

If you're feeling really creative plan and miss partying, host a virtual Beer Pong tournament. Each household will just need to set up their own table and pull cups out accordingly. It sounds a little crazy, but who cares it's your birthday!

7. If it's Warm Enough, Go Somewhere for a Hike

If you have a state park that's a drivable distance, go visit! Just because you're social distancing doesn’t mean you can't go out, at least for now, so take advantage and get out there. Try to have a picnic if you're able to. Grab a blanket, a sandwich or a pasta salad, and a book. It'll be so relaxing and different from what you're doing every day, which will help make it a little bit more special :).

8. Order food from your favorite restaurant and watch a movie

This is really a win-win for everyone. You can help support your local restaurants and get a yummy meal from it. A lot of restaurants have no contact deliver/pick-up so you can still practice safe social distancing. I'd also suggest maybe looking at movies outside of Netflix, maybe even paying for one you really wanted to see. Just try to break up your normal days with doing something different.

9. Dress Up for Fun and Have a Photoshoot

Getting dressed is sometimes more fun the actually going out. Also don’t waste all of the effort, take some pictures to record that bomb eye shadow you nailed. Maybe even Facetime some friends and have them dress up too so you can continue getting use out of your make-up and outfit while having fun with your friends.

10. Foster a Puppy or a Cat

There are tons of animals that really need a home right now, and since you're home, it’s the perfect time to foster a pet.  Sine you're just fostering you don’t have to worry about the long term commit, and they usually give you all of the supplies you need. This is much of a gift for the pet as it will be for you!! Also please only foster a cat or a dog if you're actually going to take care of it.


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