About Us


Our vision, our story, and giving back. 

Bollyrent is a new age South Asian clothes rental company that gets the importance of culture and knows how it’s part of our everyday lives; however, that may look. We created this company to make wearing South Asian attire more accessible, affordable, and easy. At Bollyrent, we want to you to feel confident and proud wearing South Asian clothing by giving you access to trendy designer pieces. That’s why we hand select every piece, provide a free backup size, and strive to keep our costs as low as possible. We believe that it is our responsibility to shift the garment industry towards better standards, which is why we are hard at work expanding our size options and ensuring that our products are sourced from ethical working conditions.

Meet the founders (Nahid and Fabia)

We’re a husband and wife duo that are so obsessed with each other that we also decided to get into business together, although Nahid’s true love is biryani and Fabia’s is coconut water (when you know you know). We were great friends starting from elementary school and basically knew each other our whole lives. Our relationship grew from friends to lovers through the years and really blossomed in college. After 7 years of dating, we got married in the summer of 2019.

 Our dream to start Bollyrent stemmed from our deep love of Bollywood movies and our Bengali heritage. Fabia is cheap and was frustrated at how expensive lenehgas, sarees, and salwar kameezes were for a 1-2 time use. It was difficult to slay every holiday/event when the options were to either wear an outdated outfit from three years ago or drop hundreds of dollars for something new. We decided that we needed to provide a third option, the option to rent new trendy South-Asian clothes at an adorable price so that people like us can more easily express their culture. So, now here we are, starting Bollyrent in hopes that we can make being South Asian in America a little bit easier.

Giving Back

Coming from immigrant families we recognize our privilege that comes from living in a developed country like the United States. We saw how tough life can be for those in third world nations. That’s why we are donating a portion of our profits to provide clothes to impoverished children during holidays like Eid and Diwali so that they can look and feel their best too. We also support larger projects geared towards improving women’s access to health and education.